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No. 4 Seven Enviable Ensembles

Updated: Jan 16, 2019

What if you are a UK company of performance artists that generate their own work but struggle to self - produce?

London’s New Diorama Theatre recently embarked on an innovative new presenting model that addresses this issue. Instead of offering several ensemble - led presenters small opportunities to perform, they have decided to support a select few in a grand fashion. This 80 seat theatre has gone from producing over 20 productions a year to producing only seven. According to their artistic director, David Byrne, ticket sales and donations have increased since the new model was announced.

“New Diorama is the first ever companies’ theatre: a theatre exclusively dedicated to the development of emerging theatre ensembles.”

New Diorama offers up to a five-week run, up to £10,000 initial cash commission, full marketing and press, support with fundraising, disability access, theatre tax relief, and most importantly works to help you establish a future life for your project.

How is this new model working? I follow Diorama on Twitter and they have been lavished with praise, awards, and from the looks of it lots of private funding. Need innovative inspiration? Read more about New Diorama’s efforts at these sources --

New Diorama Twitter Thread about New Model: New Diorama on Twitter

New Diorama website: New Diorama Website

Bowie - Sell, Daisy (2018 May 22) “New Diorama New Producing Model”

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