Over this pandemic, so many artists have felt uninspired or bogged down by the collective and prolonged trauma. My time spent with Artistic Clarity over the pandemic has been instrumental in helping me to stave off artistic depletion and find a sustainable artistic HABIT. As artists and humans, we crave connection with other people, with our muse, and with the ability to travel freely; these things help us connect to our inspiration, and many of us are now visibly absent from our lives.

As a teacher, Pattie Miles is many things: organized, thoughtful, creative, compassionate, flexible, and knowledgeable. Working with her on my art practice has shown me how to create a realistic, manageable habit, keeping my creative engine humming rather than just burning out. She’s given me both the toolbox and a wealth of tools inside the said box.

If you have the opportunity to take a class with her, DO IT. If you’re toying with the idea of taking a course of hers, DO IT. Pattie offers up a panoply of artistic snacks that will revitalize and refocus your creativity.

--Alyssa Keene

I force and coerce myself back into the studio or sit there with my yellow pads of paper, waiting for creativity to pounce.  Sometimes it does, and sometimes it doesn’t.  Pattie knows all this and offers a way out via incoming suggestions.  She is brilliant, calm, and centered.  

-- Sandee Johnson

The course material is generously provided and rich in content. Pattie is kind about not pressuring, respecting privacy, being upbeat and positive in encouraging, however, and to what extent students choose to engage. The course is designed to “come at your art in as many ways possible”. From practical steps to creative suggestions and considering your aspiration, the course gives artists helpful tools and inspiration. Pattie is an amazing art coach. Her strategies are so thoughtful, diverse, and creative, and her energy is so positive and boundless. 

-- Kelly Matlock

Pattie, I want to say thank you.  Your creativity Is fantastic and inspiring.  I created something tonight and wanted to share as you inspired me.  My good friend gave me this tree light, and then I decided to juxtapose it and put it in a cage.  As I sit across from it, it constantly reminds me that the tree grows through the cage and upward even though I feel stuck. To new beginnings!  Thank you. You inspire.  If I had a million, you’d get half.  Honestly.  Thank you.

-- Matty Whitman

This course is so well organized, created, and actualized. Pattie, you are such an inspiration!

-- Mara Funk

Pattie’s genius is that she opens a corridor of doors for students (and always seems to have the key to a few more) but allows the choice and risk to be yours...autonomy that leads to actual integration and capability...the natural gift of a master.​

-- Camille Hildebrandt

Pattie’s classes have been a revelation to me!  Before, I had no system for developing my video and writing in a way that felt satisfying.  Her class has unleashed my desire to express myself in as many artistic ways as possible! Pattie is supportive, creative, focused, brilliant, and wise! We were also encouraged to practice new art, which developed my creativity 100-fold! 

--- Lydia Nor

Pattie’s put together thoughtful exercises to help me reach into my heart and soul for inspiration and apply them to my daily practice. Pattie is a supportive, non-judgmental teacher, surrounding me with other artists on their path.

--- Teri Nomura