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No. 95 Slow Down & Be Curious

I’m trying a bit of a new format with my blog. I have so much I want to share and only so much time in the week. So, for now, with each blog, I’ll be sharing 3 good reads to help you to slow down and be curious.

But first, here is the most recent photo I took from my iPhone:


One: This is from Alan Jacobs blog, Snakes & Ladders. Using Henrik Ibsen’s play A Doll’s House he introduces me to a new phrase coined by theatre critic Terry Teachout -- Theater of Concurrence and he disagrees with Teachout in this instance. Though, I think, Teachout is on to something.

Two: Giving artists what they want and leaving delicious food for thought and imaginative interrogation around the city is a goal of one of New York’s new artistic leaders.

Three: A theatre in London now give audiences advanced notice of any action or plot point that might trigger any unsafe feelings. Yikes! This feels like a film trailer that gives too much away.

Sleep: Going well. Still writing and reading by candlelight after dark.

Food: Down to the end of the month rice and beans and whatever Costco freezer action has been neglected - Orange Chicken, I think.

Music: The Rolling Stones entire canon all week. Perfect for summer.

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