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The Idris Elba & Tree Controversy

"Let's collaborate to drive positive change for female writers in theatre." -- Burning Bright Website

"Just after our sharing at The Dominion. Tori and Sarah with Idris and Tristan Waterson, who starred."

According to the BBC: Tori Allen-Martin and her writing partner, Sarah Henley, say they created the musical Tree for Idris Elba but have been excluded from the project and are receiving no credit. The producers of Tree deny the claims.

On July 2 Tori Allen-Martin posted this on Twitter:

Nothing about this is easy but we have to be the change that we want to see. My mental health is suffering as a result so I’m gonna be off the radar for a couple days but enough now, time to #BurnBright. Love you Queen @sarahhenleyuk. Here’s our story.

Follow her links and the rest is self explanatory.

May we all have the courage to stand up for our art and BURN BRIGHT.

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