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No. 91 The Paris Review Lifts Her Paywall for Feminism

"Our new monthly column, Feminize Your Canon, explores the lives of underrated and underread female authors. First on the list: Olivia Manning, whose “legitimate anger and sharp candor might have been career assets in 2018,” Emma Garman writes." -- June 13, 2018, The Paris Review on Facebook.

Michele Pred Tapestry “Feminist As Fuck” hanging in the dressing room of Heidi Schreck who is on Broadway performing her play, “What the Constitution Means to Me.”

I’ve just discovered this new monthly offering of The Paris Review - Feminize Your Canon.

As far as I can tell, there is no paywall to access these stories. These profiles of exceptional female writers are a brief read and will galvanize your passion for your art.

"Ideal climate this, never too hot, but awful place, everyone hating everyone else. The Polish Jews hate the German Jews, and the Russians hate the Polish and the German … The sophisticated Western Jews hate the Old City types with their fur hats and caftans and bugger-grips … Then all the Jews combine in hating the Arabs and the Arabs and Jews combine in hating the British police, and the police hate the government officials who look down on them and won’t let them join the Club. What a place! God knows who’ll get it in the end but whoever it is, I don’t envy them." -- Olivia Manning

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