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No. 10 The Splendor of Female Artistic Sovereignty

Last night I dreamt I went to Firenze with Gucci again.

One of my fangirl indulgences is the magazine The Gentlewoman. It comes out twice a year and costs $15 - $20 at urban newsstands. The Gentlewoman profiles the work and lives of artistic women from all over the world. Creatives such as novelist Zadie Smith, actor Sandra Oh, and filmmaker Agnès Varda are featured. The Gentlewoman has turned me onto a lot of female talent I would not have heard of otherwise - an astrophysicist and mom, a one-woman sex - positive luminary named Peaches, and a 93-year-old wheelchair bound literary editor shero. The photography is lush. The attitude is posh but anarchistic. It is groovy as hell and there is even a Gentlewoman Club with a free newsletter.

“Welcome to The Gentlewoman Club, a place where real women, real events and real things are enjoyed. Sign up to receive our monthly newsletter and invitations to fabulous Club get-togethers. And who knows, if you tell us a little bit about yourself, we may even interview you.”

The website has a backlog of profiles of inspiring and prepossessing women.  It will introduce you to gifted women you will be delighted to learn exist. In many respects, this is a fashion magazine for book readers and I encourage you to bone up and indulge.

When NPR just feels too damn down and dirty, lie on your bed after a hot bath and drink up The Gentlewoman in magazine form or online.  It is high-end fantasy that inspires your intellect and makes your art sexy.

Source: The Gentlewoman

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