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Girl Trouble Will Not Be Told

The greatest rock n roll band on the planet just celebrated 35 years together.

Last night, at a sold out show at Tacoma's Alma Mater, my favorite band celebrated 35 years of being great.

Here's the event description:

"Girl Trouble 35th Anniversary "Break Up or Make Up" Show

Thirty-five years. That's a long time for anybody to be together, but especially a rock and roll band. It's not lost on the members of Girl Trouble, that most bands have long since disbanded and by this time branched out into the realm of the reunion/tribute band. You see them play lounges. Billboards from the casinos of the Pacific Northwest electronically blast every new tribute band that comes to town.

Always a band to stay ahead of every trend, the members of Girl Trouble have decided to prepare for this facet of showbiz by forming their own reunion/tribute group. From there they can decide if they want to go in this new direction or stay together another 35 years.

To open the anniversary show on March 9th each member of Girl Trouble has gathered local musicians to complete their individual tribute band. Each member will play the spot they play in the original Girl Trouble lineup. The song list will consist of three Girl Trouble original Songs and one Girl Trouble cover.

The four bands opening this show are:

Dale Phillip's Girl Trouble Revival Von Wheelie's Express KP's - GT Kahuna's All-Girl Tribute to Girl Trouble (Singer: My dear friend from high school, Mara Funk.

Thanks, Mara for introducing me to Girl Trouble!)

A full 35th anniversary performance by Girl Trouble will follow.

Will they break up or make up? Are they destined for the casino lounges? Make plans to attend this event. It will only happen once."

It was one of those "I was there!" nights.

And to tantalize your curiosity, I put together this list of 10 things that make Girl Trouble such badasses.

1. Girl Trouble was Sub Pop's first long playing record album artist.

2. Girl Trouble quit Sub Pop because they did not want to be molded into someone else's idea of a band.

3. Neko Case was a kind of foster daughter to Girl Trouble.

4. Girl Trouble pushed back hard during a Pay to Play controversy.

5. Girl Trouble throws cool prizes to the audience. I will always treasure the plastic, glow in the dark rosary I caught last night.

6. Girl Trouble was not invited to Sub Pop's anniversary party at Marymoor Park in 2008 so they played an acoustic gig at the same time in another part of the park.

7. Girl Trouble members and the nephew of two members made a movie called Quiet Shoes. "Starring Dale Phillips, this is the story of down on his luck detective Rick Savage and his exciting adventures."

8. Two members of Girl Trouble are brother and sister.

9. Girl Trouble has opened for Dick Dale. Kurt Cobain and Krist Novoselic's band Pen Cap Chew opened for Girl Trouble.

10. Girl Trouble writes their own music, designs their own album covers, and created their own magazine.

This excellent documentary about Girl Trouble - Strictkly Sacred is available for purchase.

Purchase here:

Watch the movie trailer:

Here is Girl Trouble official website:


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