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Es Devlin: Your Portrait in Geography

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

Es Devlin is world-renowned for her tour sets for U2, Adele, and Miley Cyrus. She has created innovative theatre and opera sets for The National Theatre and the Royal Opera House. She is revitalizing the theater with her famous, unforgettable installations, exhibits, and cubes. Her Mirror Mazes, AI-generated poetry sculptures and Memory Palaces influence the collective memory of her audience.

I designed this At Home Art Date based on Devlin’s discussion on the Great Women Artist Podcast.

(element two) REMEMBER: Your Where and Why

  1. (set the alarm for 10 minutes) Make a list of everywhere you’ve ever been.

  2. (select the alarm for 10 minutes) Make a list of what specific things have influenced you—Book, film, moment, day, person, other.

(element three) MAKE: Your Portrait in Geography

  1. Among the locations and things from 1 to 2, pick five that contributed a significant shift in your perception of yourself & your world. On five separate sheets of typing paper, print, draw, paint, or collage these five elements.

  2. Take a paper grocery store bag and cut off the top, so it looks like a box without a lid.

  3. Glue 4 of the five creations from #3 to the outside of the bag. Glue the 5th element to the floor of the bag.

  4. Add as you see fit to the list from #3 — objects, maps, images. Cut holes in the bag for viewing. Display your portrait in your home’s geography, so it becomes a prop device for you to tell people the why of who you are.

  5. Interview a friend and make a gift of one for them.

I curate provocative art dates for you to enjoy solo or with others in your own home. Many of these art dates have online elements combined with supplemental reading, listening, and a variety of activities you can do at home to enhance how you express and experience art. Feel free to forward these art dates to others. Remember to check out the bonus material below.

These art dates are free of charge. However, they do take time, energy, and a lifetime of artistic experience to put together. If you’d like to buy me a cup of tea as a bit of thanks, I’d appreciate your generosity.



BONUS MATERIAL: You could spend hours on Es Devlin’s website getting lost in her enchanting worlds.

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