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11 Hours at the Korean Women's Spa

“Olympus Spa has merged Eastern medicinal techniques with Western relaxation techniques to create a total health conscious spa. It is the spa of choice in the Tacoma area where women can relax in this all-female environment and enjoy exceptional facilities, superior services and products that enhance women’s health.” -- website

The three of us talking in the car on the way home:

I love the water.

I love the heat.

I love the sound of the water.

I love the women’s bodies.

The energy is really nice. No one is self conscious.

Everyone’s mask and armor is down.

I love that it is cross-cultural, every shape and size.

The tea room floor is heated.

The is an incredible variety to experience.

Mugwort tea poured on the body must do something amazing.


The sand room.

We LOVE the spa.

Unpretentious vibe, nothing hoity-toity.

It feel like a luxury to be there but it doesn’t have a feeling of privilege.


And the Korean restaurant is fantastic. The spicy chicken!

I had the experience of being this body, not the head at all.

Stimulating experience.

Allows me to shed my mundane mind frame giving me an overarching sense of the big picture.

A good place to reset and set intentions for another phase.

Sensation wise there is so much to pay attention to at the moment.

Having extraordinary, vulnerable interactions with strangers.

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