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No. 99 Tea Time at Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Tactical Tea for Two

Welcome to the continent of Fódlan, where three rival nations are now at peace: the Adrestian Empire to the south and west, the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus to the north, and the Leicester Alliance to the east. Despite the peace, there are bandits afoot, and three young nobles need your help when they are mauraded.

Your name is Blyeth, you are a mercenary by trade traveling with Sothis, a strange and amnesiac girl who appears in your dreams and can only be heard by you. Conspiracies abound, and battles ensue. Between actions, your character engages with others to seek their alliance at tea parties.

This is Fire Emblem: Three Houses - a tactical role-playing game by Nintendo.

This is a game where your character accumulates tea leaves throughout the battles!!

Tea time is a support action used to build relationships, with steps and dialogue choices. If the connection is secure enough, this tea for two can lead to characters falling in love.

Here’s a video with groovy tea party tips and characters:

I’m not a video game player; however, because of the tea party option, I’m game. A search online lead me to many descriptions and tips for the tea parties. Including the favorite teas and tea party ice breaker conversation topics.

Character - Favorite Tea - Favorite Tea Party Topics

Mercedes - Albinean Berry Blend, Southern Fruit Blend - Cats - Ghost stories

Ingrid - Mint Tea - Potential training partners -- Past laughs

Annette - Sweet Apple Blend - Books you’ve read recently, Close calls

Dimitri -- Chamomile -- Equipment upkeep, Your ambitions

DeDue - Ginger - Strange fish in the pond - Someone you look up to

Felix - Almyran Pine Needles - Shareable snacks - Working together

How fun! Cheers dears!

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