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No. 35 My Sunday

"Time isn’t the main thing. It’s the only thing." -- Miles Davis

About once a week, I like to track my time throughout the day to keep myself present and conscious. I’m all for taking a day off and doing nothing -- that’ll happen tomorrow.

But today I wanted to be sure I made time for writing. This is how I did it.

(Saturday night) in bed at 11:15. Laughing with my boyfriend.

Reading the first pages of Annie Proulx’s Barkskins. Midnight. Put in headphones. Listen to “sleep meditation”.

3:00am Woken by a cat. Get up and eat two clementines at the dining room table. Put in headphones. Listen to Stephen Fry read Sherlock Holmes stories. Worry. Fall asleep.

845. Woken by the other cat. Tea kettle on. Feed cats. Open window for cats. Light candle. Turn on the SAD lamp. Slice three clementines and put them in an orange flowered teacup that belonged to my mother. Tea prep. Commence skipping awful news of the world and going straight to New York Times T Magazine.

900. My boyfriend and I discuss the cats’ morning so far. Back to T mag. “Long Live Eccentric English Design - The Bonkers Aesthetic” Yes! My people.

951. Talk to the cats about the snow. The largest cat has taken over my lap. Adjustments need to be made.

1030. Discuss Keanu Reeves & film pyrotechnics with my boyfriend.

1036. Moving on to reading The Guardian. Too much Oscar Awards yakety-yak.

1040. Breakfast. Pane d’amore bread. Costco Almond butter. Blueberry spread. Blow out candle.

1055. A second glass of water. Meditate for 20min.

1116. Journal about yesterday.

1143. 3rd glass of water

1145. 30min cardio w/ Schitt’s Creek

(I’m someone who has always needed 10-12 hours of sleep a night. Now begins the “How long can I postpone a nap?” routine.)

4 glass of water

1235. Sitting in the sun reading.

(I took the Instagram, Twitter, and FB apps off my phone. My iPhone just let me know my screen time was 31% less than last week. But I love my apps.)

100. Bowl of popcorn and more reading.

130. Power to the nap.

215. Tea and prep for a 3-hour writing session.

5:30. Worked on a couple of different plays. One is partially inspired by current politics -- a subject I hate to dwell on. I’ve got to find another way to get into this play.

Otherwise, pleased with the progress I made.

5:45. Grocery shopping.

6:30. Dinner. Reading.

7:00 - 8:30. The day job I do from home.

8:30. Talked to a new friend about his experience as a voice-over artist. Every year, every actor asks themselves if they should try to break into voice-over work.

9:30. Today’s blog post.

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