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No. 27 London's Urban Writers Retreat

“The biggest problem you’re likely to have as a writer is not actually writing.” -- Charlie Haynes, Urban Writers Retreat

This video of Charlie Haynes from London’s Urban Writers Retreat takes you through your writing goals. I watch her yearly version of this about four times a year to help keep me motivated and on task. Charlie does not trigger my compulsive negative thinking about my work.

When I was in London in 2014, I signed-up for one of her day retreats and loved being surrounded by other writers I’d never met working toward similar goals. If you need to walk away from your writing for a bit there is a lounge area with a stack of books on writing, helpful reference books, and writing prompts.

Part of the fee includes lunch. We introduced ourselves in the morning and then when we shared lunch we had long conversations about our work and goals.

Writing in the same quiet room for eight hours surrounded by others who are writing is like meditating in a group as opposed to solo. Solo is amazing but in a group, everyone is elevated by the communal experience.

London's Urban Writers Retreat offers online workshops and week-long retreats in Devon. In addition, if you subscribe to the newsletter, you get regular tips and some great inspiration. For writers at any level, it is worth checking out.

Here’s a link to the Urban Writers Retreat website. Urban Writers Retreat. On the website you will find details about all of Charlie’s programs including Six Month Novel, One-Day Retreats, Residential Retreats, and Writer’s Block Detox.

It’s Snowmageddon in the Pacific Northwest today. Since I’m stuck inside I think I will watch Charlie’s 2019 video right now.

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