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“As a teacher, Pattie’s genius is that she opens a corridor of doors for students (and always seems to have the key to a few more) but allows the choice and risk to be the students...autonomy that leads to actual integration and capability...the natural gift of a master.​”

—- Camille H., Movement Artist


Pattie Miles, a highly regarded theatre artist and educator, is renowned for her innovative and thoughtful artistic perspective. As the founder of Artistic Clarity and the visionary behind The Three-Minute Art Practice™, she continues to make an indelible mark. 


In her past role as Co-Artistic Director, Pattie brought to life an imaginative non-profit performing arts organization within an unexpected setting – a historic country chapel in Chimacum, WA. Over 12 years of acting, directing, and writing, she led with a combination of leadership, tenacity, humor, and goodwill, earning the organization regional acclaim in creative education, artist retreats, and performance.

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