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Banksy + Your Jailbreak

AT HOME ART DATE | read watch make art

“Your mind is working at its best when you're being paranoid. You explore every avenue and the possibility of your situation at high speed with total clarity.” ― Banksy

Banksy is a pen name for an English graffiti artist, political commentator, and filmmaker whose real name and identity are unknown and a topic of conjecture. He uses a unique technique of stenciling. Banksy’s mischievous graffiti and biting social commentary have been seen all over the globe since the '90s.

This AT HOME ART DATE is a chance to make your creativity a wild adventure.

(element one) READ an article about Bansky’s newest installation.

(element two) WATCH the Banksy Video.

(element three) MAKE ART in public.

(element one) READ a Hyperallergic article about Bansky’s newest installation here.

(element two) WATCH The Bob Ross Bansky Video here.

(element three) MAKE ART in public without anyone seeing you. Embrace Banksy’s paranoia. Build a rock sculpture, bring materials from home, leave your project in public, write a poem, leave it in a public bathroom, or slip a watercolor in a ziplock bag under someone’s windshield. Be sure to make the art in public and not at home beforehand. Keep it legal. Do it with a friend at night!

How does it feel to be an art desperado? How does it feel to give art anonymously? Please take a photo and send it to a friend or send it to me. I would love to see what you have created! Try always to share your art.

Finished? Congratulations. Well done, artist!

If you seek perfection, you will never reach completion.

I hope you find Banksy + Your Jailbreak to be a compelling AT HOME ART DATE.

I curate provocative AT HOME ART DATES for you to enjoy solo or with others in your own home. Many of these art dates have online elements combined with supplemental reading, listening, and a variety of activities you can do at home to enhance how you express and experience art. Feel free to forward these art dates to others. Remember to check out the bonus material below.

These AT HOME ART DATES are free of charge. However, they do take time, energy, and a lifetime of artistic experience to put together. If you’d like to buy me a cup of tea as a bit of thanks, I’d appreciate your generosity. Buy Pattie a Cup of Tea.



Bonus Material:

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